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100% of all our aluminium waste being recycled

We also work extremely closely and collaboratively with our local supply chain to improve the CO₂ output through the value chain. The suppliers we work with provide us some of the lowest production CO₂ footprint in the world, whilst also enabling us to recycle 100% of our waste. In 2022 we received 60% of our raw material with our own recycled content.


In 2022, the recycle content of our aluminium billet was 62%, with 100% of all our aluminium waste being recycled.

We continue to invest in efficient machinery, effective environmental management systems and waste capture and recycling systems, as well as the use of sustainable power generation.

In line with our commitment to sustainable manufacturing, our finishing plant incorporates a number of environmental features. For example, our rainwater capture system holds up to 900,000 litres of collected rainwater which is filtered for cleaning prior to use in the pre-treatment process – the alkaline-based pre-treatment process is 100% chromate free.

Following use, the ionized water is filtered again, before being released into the environment and at this stage, it is cleaner than mains drinking water.

During the painting process, our advanced technology allows us to capture 98% of the excess powder that is used in the booth during coating. The powder is then re-used.

Responsibly Sourced Aluminium

We source aluminium billet only from three of the world’s leading suppliers.

Working Towards Carbon Neutrality

We aim to achieve carbon-neutral production through continued investment in efficient machinery, waste capture and recycling techniques and sustainable power generation.

The Greenest Metal on Earth

Aluminium has a life cycle measured in decades.