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All from our own, purpose-built facility

We offer a complete machining and finishing service, enabling us to control the complete manufacturing process – from design to distribution – all from our own, purpose-built facility in the UK.

With this end-to-end capability, our experienced team takes responsibility for the whole process, ensuring complete and consistent quality control throughout to make certain the finished product is delivered on time and to specification.

Bespoke Extrusion

Machining and finishing service all from our own, purpose-built facility in the UK

Our three CNC automatic saws enable us to provide a fast and efficient cutting service, accurately cutting to any length from 6mm. The installation of an FOM double-mitre saw, also allows us to cut 45° and compound angles.

Our two four-axis machining centres enable us to provide a range of machining services for any cut length over 100mm – including drilling, tapping, slotting and routing. We also have a de-burring facility for smaller parts.

Finishing Equipment

1 x Elumatec SBZ140 four-axis machining centre (7.7m bed)

1 x FOM four-axis machining centre with integral saw blade (7.0m bed)

1 x FOM double-mitre saw

3 x CNC automatic saws

Powder Coating

Most advanced vertical powder coating lines of their kind in the UK

Our advanced in-house polyester powder coating facilities allow us to provide the widest range of high-quality standard and non-standard colours and finishes.

Waste Capture and Recycling

Our waste capture and recycling techniques are integral to our sustainable manufacturing ethos – and our drive to achieving carbon neutrality.

Working Towards Carbon Neutrality

We aim to achieve carbon-neutral production through continued investment in efficient machinery, waste capture and recycling techniques and sustainable power generation.


With the greenest manufacturing operation of its kind in the country, sustainability is a crucial consideration across all our business operations and plan to become carbon neutral.