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100% responsibly sourced aluminium

To ensure we consistently deliver aluminium extrusions to the highest quality standards, we source aluminium billet from the world’s leading suppliers, Alcoa, Dubai Aluminium, Emirates Aluminium, Glencore, Hydro Aluminium and Rio Tinto Aluminium. Sourcing from these responsible and highly reputable companies guarantees continuity of quality and performance for each and every one of our extruded aluminium profiles.

Our Aluminium Billet

We source aluminium billet only from three of the world’s leading suppliers.

All based in Europe, these three world leading suppliers continually supply high quality billets that are responsibly sourced. The shorter distances minimise transportation distances – and therefore costs and carbon emissions, whilst providing a highly flexible raw material supply chain.

We also work extremely closely and collaboratively with our local supply chain to improve the CO₂ output through the value chain. The suppliers we work with provide us some of the lowest production CO₂ footprint in the world, whilst also enabling us to recycle 100% of our waste. In 2022 we received 60% of our raw material with our own recycled content.

We also adopt a strict policy of the non-use of conflict-affected minerals, and in 2017 secured certification to BES 6001. This is a standard published by BRE which enables manufacturers to ensure and then prove that their products have been made with constituent materials that have been responsibly sourced.

Why Aluminium?

Find out why aluminium is the greenest metal on Earth

Durable, lightweight and resistant to both corrosion and pollutants, aluminium products have a life cycle measured in decades rather than years.

Our Aluminium Billet

In 2022, the recycle content of our
aluminium billet was 62%.

The quality of the aluminium extrusion is dependent on the quality of the alloy used, and so we use only 6000 series aluminium alloys – specifically, 6005A/6060/6063 and 6063A tempered to designations T4 to T6. 6000 series alloys provide the perfect combination of strength, hardness, durability and corrosion-resistance (even in marine environments). They are the most widely used alloys in extrusion and are ideal for structural extrusions and machining.

Used in a wide range of industrial sectors, including the construction industry, 6000 series alloys are found in a wide range of applications including window and door profiles, lighting, awnings, rails and furniture.

The 6082 alloy in particular offers the highest strength of any of the 6000 series and is frequently used for load carrying structures in shipping, transport, building and offshore industries, as well as for platforms, bridges, scaffolds and handrails.

The Highest Quality Standards

The first company of its kind to be awarded 5 BSI standards

Operating extensive test regimes, we are committed to consistently achieving high standards of quality and were the UK’s first systems company to achieve five separate ISO standards.

Waste Capture and Recycling

Our waste capture and recycling techniques are integral to our sustainable manufacturing ethos – and our drive to achieving carbon neutrality.

Working Towards Carbon Neutrality

We aim to achieve carbon-neutral production through continued investment in efficient machinery, waste capture and recycling techniques and sustainable power generation.


With the greenest manufacturing operation of its kind in the country, sustainability is a crucial consideration across all our business operations and plan to become carbon neutral.