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Smart bespoke extrusion

Our in-house expertise and local die suppliers can provide us with designs and produce dies in as a little as seven days depending on profile design.

This investment in plant has not only increased our capacity but has also significantly enhanced our flexibility and expanded the range of services we provide in-house. This allows us to extrude, cut, finish, paint, pack and deliver profiles all from a single UK facility – with complete quality assurance at every stage of the process.

Bespoke Extrusion

Designs and dies in as a little as seven days depending on profile design.

We operate four modern extrusion presses – 2 x 8”, 2,500 tonne extrusion presses; 1 x 8”, 2,200 tonne press and 1 x 6”, 1,500 tonne press – which combine to deliver a total annual extrusion capacity of over 35,000 tonnes.

Guaranteeing capacity, this capability enables us to extrude a wide range of profiles to meet our customers’ exact requirements, within the following parameters:

Technical Performance

Standard alloys 6082, 6005, 6060, 6063, 6063a (others available if required)

Maximum Length 14 m

Maximum Height 200mm

Maximum Width 250mm

Maximum Weight 8 kg/m

Minimum Weight 0.2 kg/m

Colour Guide

View our full range of colours and finishes

Select from an extensive range of standard and non-standard colours with a long-lasting, lustrous finish.

Waste Capture and Recycling

Our waste capture and recycling techniques are integral to our sustainable manufacturing ethos – and our drive to achieving carbon neutrality.

Working Towards Carbon Neutrality

We aim to achieve carbon-neutral production through continued investment in efficient machinery, waste capture and recycling techniques and sustainable power generation.


With the greenest manufacturing operation of its kind in the country, sustainability is a crucial consideration across all our business operations and plan to become carbon neutral.