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News – Die Storage

New die storage facility provides greater flexibility.

As part of our site investment programme, we recently installed a completely new die storage facility, which enables us to have 99% of our dies ready to run on demand whenever the customer requires them. 

A new die service schedule also means that we store 50% of all our dies pre-filled before they need cleaning with caustic solution – which in turn means there’s 50% less waste. This also means that dies can be sent to our extrusion presses within hours rather than waiting for days. Our caustic waste, which is harmful to the environment, and which would once have been sent to landfill at end of life, is also now re-used, with a local business re-using the waste solution.

The new storage system and new service schedule together mean that we can be even more flexible and even more responsive, making sure we continue to meet our customers’ changing needs.